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Our Values

The Ken Blanchard Companies was founded to accomplish four goals:

  1. To make a positive difference in the lives of the people and organizations we touch by helping people to become their best by using simple, effective tools
  2. To model what we teach as an organization: The most prized value all organizations have is their people and customers; and, all organizations succeed when their daily practices reflect their most prized values
  3. To create an organization where people who love and care about each other can work and play together
  4. To have fun

A values-driven company is dedicated to achieving superior results for all stakeholders—associates, customers, vendors, and the community. Such a company manages by values, which means that all decisions are made in accordance with company values and all results are evaluated in light of their alignment with company values. The company values are accepted as the overriding “how-to” manual for everyday activities in the organization.

Company Values:

  1. Ethical behavior
    • Be truthful and fair when dealing with others, legal in our practices, and proud if our actions were publicized
    • Be committed to the conservation of natural resources
    • Practice what we preach: Our behavior models our products and services
  2. Relationships
    • Make and keep our commitment to customers, colleagues, the company, our community, and ourselves and cheer each other on in the process
    • Show respect for ourselves and others by being open, honest, supportive, trustworthy, and ready to resolve conflicts
    • Embrace diversity as a core element of our operating culture
  3. Success
    • Contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company, community, and environment through individual, team, and total company effort
    • Pursue excellence in doing worthwhile, high quality work
  4. Learning
    • Pursue personal and professional growth and development opportunities for the benefit of ourselves and the organization
    • Continuously seek, develop, utilize, and honor our intellectual property

The Blanchard “Ethics Check”—three questions to ask yourself to make sure your action is ethical:

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Is it "balanced"? Is it a win-win situation for everybody?
  3. Would you be proud if it were publicized?
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